Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Baylor School

I have some crazy news! I was visiting the Baylor School this past Tuesday to shadow a student athlete, and I loved it! I had to wake up at five thirty am to embark on a nearly two hour car ride to get to Baylor. After the long ride I arrived to meet one of the admission ladies. Her name was Virginia Ann Manson, and she helped Julie(step-mother) and I to get with the student that was going to give me a tour of the school. I walked around and went to all of the student's classes. It was a long tour with many twists and turns, but it was very fun. Then after my tour with the student I came back to Mrs. Manson's office to get a golf kart campus tour. It was very cold that day, so it was not the most fun thing to be in the back of a speeding kart. I really liked the campus, but some of it was flooded because of the past couple day's rain. I also got to visit a couple of dorm rooms, and it made me want to go on a cleaning spree. I was so tired after the tour, but I had so much fun with the Baylor School.
Thank you few people that actually view my blogs it is nice to have the support.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Go-Kart Ideas

Hello, people of earth. If you viewed my previous blog you would know that I will be receiving a go-kart kit soon. I found out that it will be in this Wednesday when I go to school, and I want it to look and perform like no other. I have an idea that since my dad works for a paint company I may be able to get some by writing a  persuasive letter. I would also have to ask for the labor too since I have very little skills in the paint field of work. I also am not sure what color I should make it, so I need some suggestions via comments.
I have one other problem that is very key to the kart. I don't have an engine for the kit go-kart and I don't exactly have the amount that I need. I am shooting for a 6 HP engine that is made for go-karts, or it runs horizontally. I would need somewhat of a financial boost to get me there, so please don't forget you can donate a amount small as five dollars to help get this show on the road literally.
Don't be scared to post a question, color for the kart, or anything else. Lastly please donate a little bit to the engine and my scratch build kart because I need every penny I can get.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bright Side

Hello peeps, how are you? I am having mixed emotions about the re-entering of the school season, or for most of the adults there break is off too. It is time to get back into the rhythm of school/work and it kind of stinks. I understand that, but as my classmate, La Petite Maison, would sing," Always look on the bright side of life," and admit that you sang that in your head. My bright side is that I have a go-kart kit waiting for me this week, but remember your bright side can be smaller than that. I am also bright about how I may be completely done with all of my schematics for my build from scratch go-kart, and am close to the building process. I hope you had happy holidays.
Thanks for viewing the support really helps and don't be afraid of donating five dollars or more to help build the go-kart, and trust me it will go to good use.