Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hey viewers, how are you. On Monday I went to Byrd Wielding & Fabricating to ask for professional advice for my go-kart plan as seen below. He told me that this wasn't even half of what he needed for the go-kart plan. He suggested that I made a side view of the kart to show more depth of the whole cart, and he though that I should make a lift area in the back for the reason of my engine would scrape the ground when I installed it and drove it. Also, he was thinking that I should get steering and brake kits. It would be very complicated for me to build a brake system with little knowledge of what I am doing. As a result of that feedback I looked around some websites to find kits for that kind of thing and came across SpiderCarts. I found some cool decently priced kits, but it was not exactly what I was looking for. If anyone is out there comment me a good go-kart parts website. I will be very thankful for that.

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