Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Go-Kart Suspense & Super Bowl

HELLLLLOOO, VIEWERS! I wanted to tell you about my go kart frame that I received for working hard on my schematics. I sent the final draft of my persuasive business format letter to the owner of ACS of Georgia, the paint company, to ask for some paint. It took me over a week to get it to it's prime. Now, I know that you guys are probably thinking," What paint color are you going to do?" Well, that's the thing I don't even know, but even after I asked some people last time I still couldn't think of a good color for my paint job. I should get a reply sometime this week, so comment away with color choices.

I don't know about you but this years super bowl was pretty crazy. For the most part the game was better than most of the commercials, and the team I was pulling for the one and only, Baltimore Ravens,  won the game 34-31 of the San Franciso 49's. I wanted them to win becuase their Quarterback, Joe Flacco (#5), was before the game the most underrated QB in the league, but now no one can overlook the new Superbowl MVP. Also the Player from The Blind Side, Michael Oher (#74), was also on that team as an offensive tackle. Lastly, that was the last game Ray Lewis (right), Arguably one of the greatest defensive players ever to play the game, will ever play.


Thanks and don't hesitate to comment I love them!

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