Monday, March 18, 2013


I have some crazy news! Starting this September I will be attending Wyoming Seminary in the Wyoming Valley in northern Pennsylvania. I am so excited and can't wait to go. The reason I am going to SEM is mostly because of wrestling, but I also wanted hard academics and SEM defiantly has them by being a college preparatory school. I already received text messages from some of the wrestling team, and it sounds like they are just as excited as me. The only struggle now is to get up to 106 pounds from 92, but I know I can do it in six months. I will have to work hard this summer to gain the weight, but I am ready for the challenge. Also they said that by my sophomore year (I think) they would have a brand new wrestling facility.
I have wanted to go to a boarding school since I thought of where I have wanted to attend high school. Before I visited the school I thought that I wanted to go to Blair Academy in Blairstown New Jersey. It had a bigger campus and it was number one ranked in high school. Also one of my friends is attending Blair, so it would seem that Blair would be the better choice, But when my dad and I arrived at SEM I changed my mind instantly. It is kinda of in the middle of an old town, and it has a homey feeling to it. I knew right away that it was the school for me.
My dad and I sat through a seminar about the school, and it was very interesting. The people doing the seminar told us about campus life, school work, classes, and athletics. After the seminar all of the students attending the visit got paired up with a senior from the school for a shadowing day. I went with my student tour guide to two of his classes, so I could get a feel of how the classes worked. We went to Civil War history and drama. In history we had the "strictest" teacher in the school, but even after hearing that I enjoyed my time in his class. After that it was off to drama, and I wasn't sure I would that class. As soon as we started the class I loved it, and it was mostly because of the hilarious teacher. We were reading a script from a book that was definitely not suited for younger children. The teacher was constantly over explaining the love related scenes in a funny way that made the class almost die laughing. I had a ball on my tour, and I really liked the smaller school. I believe that those are the main reasons I chose SEM not because it was better on paper, but that it was better for me.

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