Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Go Kart Update

HELLLOOOOO, viewers!!! I am super excited about my go-kart because the whole thing is starting to come together. What I mean by that is I bought my engine (also first Craigslist deal), and I primed my frame and it is ready for me to paint. I bought a nearly new 3.5 horsepower engine that was bought for the same purpose as mine but was never used other than to see if it worked. My dad and I had to drive to Lawerceville on Saturday to get it. My dad thought it was going to be in a shady part of town, but  it was in a wealthy neighborhood and the man was just as nice.
The I primed the frame on Friday with the assistance of my dad. He gave me some tips to reduce painting errors, and I am proud to say there are no paint runs (An area where there is so much paint it starts to trickle down). I did about ninety percent of the painting, but I will paint it myself only with the green paint I received. Once I paint the frame and let it dry I will be ready to start building the systems onto the frame.

My Predator 99cc 3.5 HP engine 

The primed frame next to my engine 

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