Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Break With My Go-Kart

When building a go-kart from scratch or from a kit from online you will mess up a lot. At the beginning of this year (January) I was surprised with a go kart kit I figured that out as soon as I put my go-kart in my house. When my dad and I started to work on the kart we already had several problems. Being very inexperienced as one can be I had many mistakes, but many included bolts and parts that needed tightening. From day one with my dad I knew we would have a lot more work to do than we expected, because we both have little knowledge of what everything is and how it goes. After we broke a pump and a pair of pliers we got everything within our power and supplies done on the kart. Granted, we still have ways to go before the kart is functional, but now it is down to mounting the engine, fixing the brakes, and pumping up the tires. This process has helped me learn how to use a socket wrench and to plan for everything related to my go-kart, like persistence, scale modeling, and much more. This will help me when my car breaks down, if I become an architect, or to just get through a tough spot in school or life.  Here are two pictures of the kart at its' current stage, and a picture that shows where I started from.

It has been a long unfinished journey to get this kart where it is today, but I am proud that I kept going through the beginning part of this project. Soon I will be ready to ride, and I can't wait.

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  1. wow! these game is pretty awesome..me and my son usually try on these kind of game..aside from swimming, we play go karts..its really fun