Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bright Side

Hello peeps, how are you? I am having mixed emotions about the re-entering of the school season, or for most of the adults there break is off too. It is time to get back into the rhythm of school/work and it kind of stinks. I understand that, but as my classmate, La Petite Maison, would sing," Always look on the bright side of life," and admit that you sang that in your head. My bright side is that I have a go-kart kit waiting for me this week, but remember your bright side can be smaller than that. I am also bright about how I may be completely done with all of my schematics for my build from scratch go-kart, and am close to the building process. I hope you had happy holidays.
Thanks for viewing the support really helps and don't be afraid of donating five dollars or more to help build the go-kart, and trust me it will go to good use.

1 comment:

  1. I know it is hard to get back into it, but you will see the fruits of your labor soon!!