Monday, January 14, 2013

Go-Kart Ideas

Hello, people of earth. If you viewed my previous blog you would know that I will be receiving a go-kart kit soon. I found out that it will be in this Wednesday when I go to school, and I want it to look and perform like no other. I have an idea that since my dad works for a paint company I may be able to get some by writing a  persuasive letter. I would also have to ask for the labor too since I have very little skills in the paint field of work. I also am not sure what color I should make it, so I need some suggestions via comments.
I have one other problem that is very key to the kart. I don't have an engine for the kit go-kart and I don't exactly have the amount that I need. I am shooting for a 6 HP engine that is made for go-karts, or it runs horizontally. I would need somewhat of a financial boost to get me there, so please don't forget you can donate a amount small as five dollars to help get this show on the road literally.
Don't be scared to post a question, color for the kart, or anything else. Lastly please donate a little bit to the engine and my scratch build kart because I need every penny I can get.

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