Sunday, September 16, 2012

3 Unusual Days

Hello, viewers. Over the past few days I have biologically monitored a stream, watched my sister play a awesome volleyball game, and said good bye to my dad for a week or so. Mrs.Kolbeck and everyone except Quinn where at Olly creek, the adopted stream, to basically look for different micro-organisms. For example this little unknown bug. We did this for school purposes, and to test the health of the stream. We rediscovered that Olly creek is terribly unhealthy. It is unhealthy because a leaking landfill is running into the stream.
    If you know what it is please comment and tell me. Thanks.

 Well, I have to say I have never been more proud of my little sister than the previous Saturday. Grace, my little sister, had 11 points and two aces in a row. Her team lost that game, but they were still very happy with her performance. Her first game was at nine am, and then her second game was at twelve pm. In between the two games Grace said she felt like she was on cloud nine, and so was I. The best part is when we came back everyone was telling Julie, My stepmother, and I how Grace was the best player on the team. 

Lastly, today before our family's 12:30 mass we said good bye to my dad. My dad is a contractor that does whatever jobs need to get done to keep our family going strong. He used to work on houses and was good enough to get his best work in to home and architectural trends magazine, a very prestigious magazine for contractors. After a while the housing market went down my dad started building or remodeling parts of houses instead of the whole house. Somehow he got into building paint booths and he got a job in South Carolina. Now he is gone until Friday of this week, but he has to leave again for another week after that. 
Thanks to every one who views my blog, and please keep reading.    

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