Friday, September 14, 2012

One armed Quinn

Hello, viewers. I am proud to say that my classmate, wrestler,and friend is back at school. I am glad to have him back. While I was waiting for Quinn I did not do anything on Monday and Tuesday, but I did do my schoolwork just no playing around. The reason that Quinn has been gone is because he hurt his shoulder wrestling. Our schedule was to work out in the morning go to school then practice, but since Quinn was hurt he had to speak to doctors and have a MRI. Therefore, he could not come to my house to do anything but school. For the first time in three or more weeks Quinn is back, and he can work out a little. For example this morning he rode a bike like machine while my dad and I lifted weights.

 Yesterday my sisters, Emma and Grace, played wiffle ball in the unforgiving heat with Quinn and I. We all could tell that Quinn was the best at it after he slammed the ball two houses down the street. At first it was girls vs boys, and that did not go too well with the girls. Eventually, it was Grace and I playing as a team, and we got three scores. Then, I struck out Emma, but I still had to pitch to the one armed Quinn. I had a foul ball and one strike on him when my dad said,"  Let me pitch to him." I went to get my bag for wrestling practice and my dad was throwing wicked curve balls that ran away in different directions. He got Quinn out twice in ten pitches., and I was so shocked. I was thinking that dad can pitch, and he is really good. Later he taught me to throw it like that,but I still am having troubles with it. I was very glad to be with Quinn and my dad. If you would like to have as much fun as me you can go to a wiffle ball store and buy a set. If you don't understand what Wiffle ball is go to to learn how to play.

Thanks to my viewers, I will post tomorrow also with more topics, and enjoy the video of some wicked curves.


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