Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hello, viewers. I had my first MRI ever today, and it was weird. I had to get it for personal reasons, and obviously I am ok to blog this. I also had an IV put in which is pain in the butt. I had two sit in the Machine, and at  most stay still for five minutes for each test. I only came out to get my IV and to leave.

It was very hard to stay still, but they only had to redo my last test. I was thinking before I got there," What am I going to do stare at the inside of the machine?" I later found out we could watch a movie by using mirrors to see the television. I watched the first bit of King Kong, the 2005 version, while being told to stay still. Last part about the MRI is that it, is, loud. The whole time it was buzzing and making weird noises. Half of the time I was inside of it I couldn't hear the movie.
Most of the machines are different, but this is sort of what mine looked like

Once I got out of the MRI I went to a little room for an IV. I had this older lady and she tried to get it in my hand, but I told her before to go in my left arm. She missed a couple times then pulled out the needle. It hurt for a little while, but I was ok after she put some gauze on it. She put the rubber band around my left arm and there pops up the vain. I secretly wanted to say," I told you so," but she had a needle. We finally got the IV in. It was ten minutes later that I would leave, and take out the needle again. 
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