Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Car Ride

Hello, viewers. I have had fun few days. In the recent days I have visited the Manvilles some dear friends of our family(In Lorton, Virginia. Right by Washington, D.C.), wrestled in the Tyrant Duels, and visited Wyoming Seminary. After a nine and a half hour drive with my dad in a tiny car where finally at the Manvilles house. Later, we were getting settled in I noticed that I forgot my wrestling bag at home, so I was laughed at by everybody for a day or so. A while later everyone got on the speed boat, and Carson, Pierson, and I went inter-tubing. Following a couple hours on the water we went to National Harbor, and got a snack. Then we had dinner and drove to the Tyrant duels.
The Tyrant duels where in Delaware, so we had another long drive. After weigh-ins and dinner that same day we finally got some rest. The next day our team met up on mat 9, and we stayed there all day. I wrestled very well, and went undefeated, winning seven matches. The best part of the whole trip was the voted best burger joint in Delaware, Two Fat Guys. It was the best burger I have ever had. I had the half pound blue cheese burger, and it was so rich I couldn't eat it all. 
Lastly, I visited Wyoming Seminary. It is a prep-school that I have been interested in for a while, but haven't had time to visit till now. I want to go to prep-school to get me ready for college academically and athletically. What we did was walk around the campus with a lady from the office, listened to people talk about the school, then tour the campus with a student going into his/her classes. I later went to practice with a top ten ranked wrestling team in the country. It was a hard, work your butt of kind of practice. We had three main parts, a jog and gymnastics workout, hard and fast drilling, then live goes. I "survived" and with that my dad and I where on our way home(Georgia).

After the tour, my dad surprised me with this sweater

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