Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Students and Hydraulics

Hey guys and gals, check this out yesterday our school got two new students. We received Ella, a 11 year old girl, and our ten year old student Abrie aka Brie. Although I said that we got both of them yesterday, we didn't. We got Ella a day earlier than Brie, so it was the day before yesterday. The old HoneyFern had three students, but now we have five (Quinn, Monica, La petite, Bree, Ella, and Me).

Also, yesterday Ella, La petite, and I all attempted at building a hydraulic car made out of thicker popsicle sticks and hydraulics. What we did was got two syringes, a tube, and some hot glue for the hydraulics. For the base (the easier part) you would make a triangle and have supports for the axles each end. It took us a whole day to get some what close to finished, but it was very fun

Thank you viewers

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