Friday, September 28, 2012

Blood Work

Hello, viewers. A few days ago, I was in the doctor's office. I had to have my blood drawn for a test, so the nurse put me on an IV. I had to sit in a chair with my arm strait for two hours, but it is not that easy. After about two or so blood drawings, I started cramping up. It was super painful but I didn't want to show it, but the the kid in the next room was not holding his breakfast back. My dad was worried that I would react to the test like the other kid, because my friend, Jeremiah, had the same experience as that other kid I mentioned. Even though I made the whole thing sound terrible, but it wasn't that bad. I was sitting in a 5 year old La-Z-Boy watching watching my movies. Although I had my own movies they were scratched, and I had to skip key chapters in the movies. 

My "Battle Scar" two days later

After my blood work, Julie and I went to Old Navy to get my family jeans. We were soaking when we got inside the store. I got a pair of khaki pants and a pair of jeans for my sister. Julie and I kept looking around for anything that we wanted, and I found nothing. 

Although I did not find anything to wear I bought a bouncy ball in my sister's volleyball team colors. 

Thank you for viewing my blog.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rube Goldberg Machine

Hello viewers, today my classmates (La Petite and Quinn) and I were trying to build a Rube Goldberg machine. What is Rube Goldberg Machine? Well, they are many types of them, but the main goal is to make a multi-step process for something simple as opening a door. There is an annual contest for eleven years of age and up. Of course there separate divisions for middle school, high school, and college, so you won't be out of your age group. The video I posted below is a draft of what is to come. Our teacher, Mrs. Kolbeck, told us to just draw it out, but what fun is that? We where studying and building for a good part of two hours.

This is.... The Draft 
(Don't make fun of it please)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

3 Unusual Days

Hello, viewers. Over the past few days I have biologically monitored a stream, watched my sister play a awesome volleyball game, and said good bye to my dad for a week or so. Mrs.Kolbeck and everyone except Quinn where at Olly creek, the adopted stream, to basically look for different micro-organisms. For example this little unknown bug. We did this for school purposes, and to test the health of the stream. We rediscovered that Olly creek is terribly unhealthy. It is unhealthy because a leaking landfill is running into the stream.
    If you know what it is please comment and tell me. Thanks.

 Well, I have to say I have never been more proud of my little sister than the previous Saturday. Grace, my little sister, had 11 points and two aces in a row. Her team lost that game, but they were still very happy with her performance. Her first game was at nine am, and then her second game was at twelve pm. In between the two games Grace said she felt like she was on cloud nine, and so was I. The best part is when we came back everyone was telling Julie, My stepmother, and I how Grace was the best player on the team. 

Lastly, today before our family's 12:30 mass we said good bye to my dad. My dad is a contractor that does whatever jobs need to get done to keep our family going strong. He used to work on houses and was good enough to get his best work in to home and architectural trends magazine, a very prestigious magazine for contractors. After a while the housing market went down my dad started building or remodeling parts of houses instead of the whole house. Somehow he got into building paint booths and he got a job in South Carolina. Now he is gone until Friday of this week, but he has to leave again for another week after that. 
Thanks to every one who views my blog, and please keep reading.    

Friday, September 14, 2012

One armed Quinn

Hello, viewers. I am proud to say that my classmate, wrestler,and friend is back at school. I am glad to have him back. While I was waiting for Quinn I did not do anything on Monday and Tuesday, but I did do my schoolwork just no playing around. The reason that Quinn has been gone is because he hurt his shoulder wrestling. Our schedule was to work out in the morning go to school then practice, but since Quinn was hurt he had to speak to doctors and have a MRI. Therefore, he could not come to my house to do anything but school. For the first time in three or more weeks Quinn is back, and he can work out a little. For example this morning he rode a bike like machine while my dad and I lifted weights.

 Yesterday my sisters, Emma and Grace, played wiffle ball in the unforgiving heat with Quinn and I. We all could tell that Quinn was the best at it after he slammed the ball two houses down the street. At first it was girls vs boys, and that did not go too well with the girls. Eventually, it was Grace and I playing as a team, and we got three scores. Then, I struck out Emma, but I still had to pitch to the one armed Quinn. I had a foul ball and one strike on him when my dad said,"  Let me pitch to him." I went to get my bag for wrestling practice and my dad was throwing wicked curve balls that ran away in different directions. He got Quinn out twice in ten pitches., and I was so shocked. I was thinking that dad can pitch, and he is really good. Later he taught me to throw it like that,but I still am having troubles with it. I was very glad to be with Quinn and my dad. If you would like to have as much fun as me you can go to a wiffle ball store and buy a set. If you don't understand what Wiffle ball is go to to learn how to play.

Thanks to my viewers, I will post tomorrow also with more topics, and enjoy the video of some wicked curves.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Flex Day

Hello viewers, today I have put in almost all of the bolts in the dune buggy engine. I am very proud of myself that I have gotten this far. I have chosen my history topic for the school year, and I love it.  It is the study of Sparta, berserkers, Jihad, and kamikazes. Now don't get me wrong, I don't like the persons themselves. It is  the mentality that I like. For example, the spartans would rather die than surrender or retreat. It is also going to be a challenge to make football like cards to describe their stats. Such as how many kills or attacks they accomplished during their life span.

The Kat 150cc engine 

Back to the go-kart/dune buggy. I am almost ready to remount it in the frame and start it up. I have high hopes but no throttle cable. If anyone of you have a one for a Kat 150cc engine I will gladly accept it. I also think I have found the website for the part layout list. The list of different manuals are on "The list" link. It is one of the 1150 models.
Thank you all of my viewers, especially the ones from Russia. Didn't know I was that popular, but thank you to all of my viewers.