Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bath Day

Today I washed a dog and a lawn mower, and I know what you are thinking lawn mower stuff, right? No I won't bore you with that, but I had an action dirt packed day. I cleaned a lawn mower, a dog, and my lunch box I was starving after a morning pool workout (I was almost sure that my dad was out swimming me, but I could not tell because I had three pounds of chlorine in my eyes). When I came to school it looked like I was sick because when my eyes water I sniffle.
(she loves me)

I have enjoyed my two weeks of school so far. I have been looking for a good site for 3-D modeling to build a go-kart model on, and I think have found it! It is called Wings3D, and it is super cool. I have only scratched the surface on what I can do with the program. I have one cylinder for the tire, and I have much more to go. I believe that this program is going to take as long as the actual building process, but it is entertaining and it is better than trying to use my terrible drawing skills. I also am almost done with the dune buggy engine and hope to find what is wrong with it today or Monday. Have to have some X-Box time somewhere in there, I was born a gamer. I will post more because I think I have found my inspiration, Funk radio on Pandora Radio. I love it! I will post later.

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