Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Test Engine

Since the last time I published a post I have been trying to take apart a XTV 150 dune buggy engine.

(This is not my actual dune buggy)

This buggy was under floodwater for three days, and I am trying to disassemble and clean the engine, because my school project is to build a go-kart from scratch. My dad has helped me a lot by doing most of the heavy lifting and heavy work. I have reached the point where I finished my math early for school and just went to look at my "go-kart"and have been yelled at to do school work even though this is my school project. I actually had the oil get all the way down my arm and forgot that it was on my arm; just before I washed my hands my dad shook hands with me, and his hand was all sticky and black after I let go of his hand.

I am down to the last few screws on the engine, and it will be finally disassembled.  Then I will clean up the engine and reassemble it. I will later sell it, so stay posted for a great deal. I also will post pictures to show you how far I am in the project.   

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