Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 1 on Blog, Day 3 on Project

Hi, I am Will Moss, and I am building a go-kart from scratch for a school project. I started this project two days ago and know next to nothing about building, repairing, or driving one of these things, so I went to this video series and learned just about all the basics I need to know on brakes, transmissions, engines and so on.

This doesn't mean I can build it now, but it is a work in progress!

Now I am thinking about reusing an old, off-road go-kart to make one super fast street kart! I will need supplies in September, though, and if I fill my supplies list and make a successful go-kart ,you guys and gals will see my skin get blown off my face.

And who would want to miss that?

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