Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Greasy Days

For the past few days I have had my hands full of grease. I have finally fixed the dune buggy engine. The funniest part is the very first thing I took off the engine was the the problem. The whole time I was looking at the belts and other stuff while the whole time it was just the rockers. 

I have also removed the bolts that hold in the engine on the lawn mower that is for future go-kart . Also, I have been told that the engine runs, but I have not witnessed it myself. Ironically, there is no functioning battery in the mower. I have plans to either turn the engine into water/salt water engine or vegetable oil. I had a discussion with my teacher. Even before I studied both engines she asked," Which one do you want to use?" I actually said,"The faster one, of course."

I also have some sad news. After working so hard on my persuasive letter, I have failed at getting Lucy to become my dog. My dad was going to make the final decision, and he said it was my best piece of writing I had ever done. Obviously, I was not satisfied with the response, but if it was an arguable topic I think there is more pros than cons. We both had very good points, but at the time I just felt shot down because he did not even bother with Labor Day weekend idea. Here is the paper if you are interested.     

 Dear Dad and Julie,

I have recently discovered that Mrs. Kolbeck has a dog Lucy that doesn’t get as much attention as the other animals.  They have wanted to find Lucy a good home, but haven’t stumbled upon until now. I would love to be the owner of Lucy. First, I would like to point out that Grace is the only person with her own pet not once, but twice, and I would like to change that.  I have also noticed when Luna is around another dog she tends to stop itching. When there is another dog around Luna also seems to be more playful, so you won’t be fetching the ball every time you throw it. The best part is she is a Dachshund and is not even two feet long.

First, I understand that everyone loved Tommy and Alec, but why does only Grace get a pet? Honestly I can see why you would not trust Emma with a pet for reasons that are off of my topic. What I am asking is ‘Why does Grace get a pet and I do not?’ I am a responsible, trustworthy kid that knows how to feed, walk, and clean up after a dog. Owning Luna has taught me how to take care of a dog. I know how to it will not be your problem. Of course I am the one who cleans her, walks her, and more.  One way to show that I am responsible is to watch Lucy on Labor Day weekend and see how we like it. Also it is a good way to see if she likes Luna. 

Another important benefit would be that one day you could not have to worry about Luna itching, right? Well the last time Rusty was here, Luna was happy, playful, and wasn’t itching. With Lucy, Luna would have a younger playmate that can distract her from itching all of the time. With that said, she will be more active.

Lastly, she can stay in my room like Luna stays in your room. She doesn’t even take Two square feet when she sleeps. I know Julie has a soft spot for little Lucy she/you said,”I know, she is cute.” I know that dad/you had Dachshunds and the best part is that Lucy loves everyone who pets her, so there is not a favorite person.  It also helps when the playmate is very small and movable. Also when you think about it she has almost no poop and Dachshunds are tiny and easy to pick up. 

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