Friday, August 31, 2012

Chess and more!

Yesterday I was told that I would be able to sleep in, but I would have to be up by eight o'clock to get prepared for school. I was thinking about glorious sleep when I was woken up by my parents at six-thirty am. I was confused on why I had to wake up so early. I had to have blood drawn. I later figured out that I also had to wait until after my appointment to eat breakfast. After waiting what seemed like forever with my stepmother I finally got in a room. We got everything done pretty fast and were out of the door. My breakfast was waiting in the car, and I was starved. My breakfast was a mini-bagel and an applesauce. I was very hungry and inhaled the food. Then finally I was off to school.

At school I brought my greasy clothes that I used for disassembling the dune buggy, so I could finally get to the riding lawnmower engine. I took out the main bolts that hold the engine to the frame, but the bottom part of the engine is holding it down. I cannot seem to get it off, but that will not stop me. I have found that I will  need a new air filter and cover for the engine. It is not looking pretty.

I have also revisited one of my hobbies, chess.

I have played four games with my schoolmates and won three. I am very proud of my victories and losses. I beat my classmate, la petite, three out of three times on her tiny chessboard. I felt so accomplished after not playing for a year. 
Have a nice Labor Day; bye!

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